Start Cleaning and Donate to Siyakholwa’s Cause

Donate! Cleaning out your garage, wardrobe and cupboards campaign.


Don’t dump your perfectly reusable stuff rather donate to the Siyakholwa office or contact the Siyakholwa team to collect. Donate any previously loved items to a cause that can make good use of what you no longer need. If you have items that are gathering dust in your house we could use them to assist orphans and vulnerable children in our communities and our Grannies who struggle to get South Africa IDs to qualify for grants in disadvantaged communities and rural areas.

Our network aims to provide all people in need with help. Sometimes the things that you don’t need any longer can be given to someone who does. So instead of throwing it out rather donate it!

Sometimes the smallest actions can create the biggest change…

Donate To Siyakholwa Cause

You are more than welcome to drop off goods or contact us to collect. We are always grateful for any help received!


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Siyakholwa Support Care Centre
Get behind us in supporting our communities.

Call Our Board Member /Team Leader – Sandy Phillips 

Tel: +27 (0) 82 049 3094

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