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Dear potential donors and volunteers!


We have a lot of food parcels and PPES donated by UWSA, Shoprite and individuals with no cash to cover truck hire and stipends to distribute food nationally.

SIYAKHOLWA SUPPORT CARE CENTRE provides safe, adorable and meaningful volunteer programs. We offer a vast variety of volunteer programs where you have a choice of selecting the category of volunteer.

Be our volunteers and contribute to our strength!

Fund Raising:- While you are reading this someone is in serious need of help to get his/her tiny heart fixed or someone is looking for a little bit of help to get his medical investigation done, Covid-19 devastated our economy and most lost jobs, children are left without food, people find it hard to maintain social distancing without food. Our Fundraising champions are creative, passionate individuals who want to influence and shape our highly desirable, valuable and useful ideas and help those in need.

Some opportunities are listed below, contact us to find out more:


  • Volunteers for Counselling Program
  • Volunteer for Advocacy Program
  • Volunteer for Fund Raising
  • Volunteer for Co-ordination and Administration Support
  • Volunteer for Selective Choices
Volunteer Food Fundraising Siyakholwa Support Care Centre

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1 thought on “Volunteer For COVID-19 Food Fundraising”

  1. The ongoing pandemic has had a significant impact on all areas of our life and work. Social programmes have had to adapt to increasing and new needs, lockdown restrictions and social distancing, while funders have revised their strategies and adjusted existing programmes. All of this has happened at an accelerated pace.

    How as non-profit organisations these changes we will be monitored? What data collection and evaluation practices have been put in place, and what role has technology played? Will we be able to assess the impact of the pandemic responses?
    The Humanitarian Effort is one of three immediate focus areas for the disbursement of funds donated by Donors to the Siyakholwa covid-19 Relief Fund.
    To provide accelerated aid for South Africa’s most vulnerable households and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and after, the Humanitarian Effort will focus on promoting human welfare through augmenting the efforts of Siyakholwa to enhance the households’ ability to cope through the pandemic – through sustaining access to food, care and other interventions to alleviate the impacts of economic disruption.
    Food and Ppes
    The food parcels, which will provide a family with food essentials for a two to four weeks (depending on the size of the household), will be delivered during the lockdown period and after as emergency food relief for vulnerable households experiencing severe food insecurity.


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