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Siyakholwa Support Care Centre is a non-profit organisation
that operates because of sponsorships and donations. Your generosity helps us change lives.


Since 2010

Siyakholwa Support Care Centre

You Can
Change Lives

Why not start small and grow your giving? Siyakholwa Support Care Centre wants to change the world with your help. Imagine the impact that you could make to one life…

Help us fight the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and become a sponsor. We are in urgent need of hygiene item and would greatly appreciate the help.

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You can change lives

What You Can Do

by giving your time, donations or becoming a sponsor.



Monetary & Goods

Donate towards financial expenses or donate food, clothes, hygiene items or other goods, see what you can do to make an impact.




Not too sure what you can do? We have more than enough work that needs helping hands. So! Lend yours to us and make a difference. 




Siyakholwa Support Care Centre needs sponsorships. Stand with us to bring change and build a brighter future for our youth.

Make a Cash Donation

Services Are Provided Free Of Charge

All services provided by Siyakholwa Support Care Centre are free of charge. As such, we have very little financial support and would greatly appreciate any cash donation made to the organisation.

However, we are also in need of goods as listed below if you like to contribute with goods please feel free to have a look at the below-listed items. Any contribution is highly appreciated and put to good use. 

Monetary & Goods Donations

You can choose


Donate towards our feeding scheme projects.

School Accessories

Donate School Clothes & School Stationery.


Donate clothing that you no longer use.

Hygiene Items

Donate sanitary pads, soap, shampoo toothpaste…

Medical Items

Donate medical supplies so that we can assist those in need.

Schooling Furniture

Donate office equipment, school desks and chairs…

Education Boxes

Donate educational toys, books and stationery…

Mandela Day Food

Donate food for our yearly Mandela day event.

Christmas food Parcels

Donate food parcels over the Christmas period.

Volunteer Opportunities

Promoting Trust and Aid

Volunteering encourages people to be responsible citizens and provides them with an environment where they can learn the duties of democratic involvement.

Our volunteers serve vulnerable people and work towards creating a more humane and peaceful world. Join us and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Please feel free to have a look at the below-listed volunteering opportunities.


Lend a Hand & Volunteer

Youth Skills Training

Teach technical skills to people in disadvantaged communities.


Fundraising using your own time and place.


Child & youth care work by providing additional help…

Sponsorship Needed

Siyakholwa Support Care Centre

Our organisation requires sponsorships so that we can continue to help the disadvantaged communities around us.

If you decide to become a sponsor, your company logo will be displayed on our website, and we will provide all TAX required documents to your company for submission. Feel free to have a look at the below-listed items. 

Please help us build a generation of youth positively empowered with godly character and positive habits; collaborating to make the world a better place and to sustain it.


Become a Sponsor


Become a sponsor for our feeding scheme projects.

School Accessories

Become a sponsor for our Schooling item needs.

Hygiene Items

Become a sponsor for our cause to fight COVID-19 disease.

Great people with giving hearts

Our Sponsors