Partner With Siyakholwa Support Care Centre

Partner With Siyakholwa Support Care Centre – By leveraging financial resources, technical expertise and thought leadership across sectors, Siyakholwa creates a platform for public-private investment in bankable, investable, at-scale solutions with and for young people.


The partnership leverages its global reach and local networks to mobilize additional funding and ensure efforts are driven and implemented by local governments, development partners and communities, including young people. A lean, nimble Siyakholwa Global Team – Siyakholwa country partners in implementing the business model as well as raising funds and disbursing capital.

Siyakholwa financial capital is catalytic as it mobilizes and crowds in partnerships. With the overall Siyakholwa catalytic funding target of R300 million by 2022, here below are some concrete ways to support the implementation of Siyakholwa in countries: additional funds toward the youth agenda from multilateral development banks, domestic public resources, private commercial investment, and private capital through shared-value.

1. Scale-up effective programmes and innovation on education, training and skill development, entrepreneur-s youth employment and civic engagement.

  • Provide financial resources to scale up proven initiatives and programmes in selected countries, as well as promising innovations
  • Design business cases for global breakthroughs to demonstrate return on investment of scaling up innovation for young people and contribute financial or technical support to the implementation of business cases in selected countries
  • Organize youth challenges and contribute seed funding and incubation support for winners

2. Convening and brokering.

  • Take the lead in South Africa’s disadvantaged communities  in collaboration with national governments, mobilizing public and private partners around country assessments and the investment design of high-quality scalable opportunities and shared-value partnerships
  • Ensure meaningful participation and leadership of young people in the development and execution of Country Investment Agendas

3. Provide high-quality assistance at in-country levels to the development, implementation and monitoring of Country Investment in youth job creation programmes.

  • Provide technical and financial support to assess disadvantaged communities
  • Contribute technical expertise and funding to undertake country assessments, develop Country Investment Agendas and design investment opportunities
  • Lead in areas such as education, skills development and training, youth employment, partnerships, innovation, and youth engagement, as well as research, monitoring and evaluation in rural and disadvantaged communities
  • Contribute financial resources to sustain operations of youth business start-up
Partner With Siyakholwa Support Care Centre

Siyakholwa staff are of the firm belief that philanthropy is not a new concept in Africa. It is fully embedded in African culture over generations and is practised in our everyday lives. We learned our philanthropy at the feet of our parents and in the wisdom of our organisation. Siyakholwa’s Support Workplace Giving scheme underscores this belief. This is a voluntary scheme that was devised by Siyakholwa Support care Centre team members, where staff can designate an amount (however small or however large) to be deducted from their salary each month. The donations are pooled into our workplace giving fund and members of the fund nominate and decide which initiatives our giving should support.

Giving Scheme Donations are for a food parcel, PPES and sustainable development goals for youth, women and people with disabilities in disadvantaged communities. Over the years Siyakholwa staff have used this personal giving to support many, families, groups and small organisations in rural areas and disadvantaged communities and this Giving Scheme donations have managed to combat the spread of COVID-19. 67900 families benefited, sometimes from transformative initiatives, sometimes for rights activism – but always in solidarity.  Thanks to our donors that contributed to covering Siyakholwa Staff salaries please, continue to contribute to filling Giving Scheme for our staff team. We truly appreciate your help.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to join hands with us and become a partner or sponsor.


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