With more people being affected by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in South Africa, disadvantaged communities are at high risk of getting the disease. With little to no hygiene supplies, the possibility of the disease spreading and killing those who can bearly afford to eat, had Siyakholwa Support Care Centre worried. We have mobilised a team to help prevent and educate the community.

Coronavirus – The Problem


The Coronavirus is known for containing strains that cause potentially deadly diseases in humans typically spread via airborne droplets of fluid produced by infected individuals.

People in disadvantaged communities can be affected by:- not washing their hands frequently.

– not avoiding touching with unwashed hands.

– not avoiding close contact with infected people.

– not cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue, and once used to throw it away.

– An estimate of 99% of people in disadvantaged communities will be affected due to a lack of knowledge and hygiene supplies.

How Siyakholwa Support Care Centre plans to address the threat.


We run educational programmes on health, hygiene and training awareness in South Africa, starting with disadvantaged communities closest to us to reduce the risk of infection of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The World Health Organisation has declared the Coronavirus a pandemic, and the number of cases continues to rise worldwide.

Our mobile field workers are sent out to communities, and we provide them with masks, gloves and hygiene items to prevent contamination.

They hand out prevention information pamphlets and provide essential hygiene items like hand sanitiser and tissues. The poverty and knowledge rate in these areas is too high to have access to hygiene resources.

Unfortunately, these communities do not have access to hygiene resources on a day to day basis so we must step in.

As we must add to our staff for this project, it also increases job opportunities in our community.


Our Call For Help and Conclusion


We hope to prevent the disease from spreading, and we believe we can do this with your support. If you can provide any hygiene items that will aid our cause, please contact us.

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