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Donate Masks – Siyakholwa and Team aim to provide those in need with proper protection against air-borne viruses and bacteria. During the outbreak of the pandemic, many were left without appropriate mask protection.

With your help, we will provide struggling communities and institutions with FPP2 face masks.

Our focus is directed but not limited to school teachers, old age homes, medical workers, disadvantaged communities and frontline workers.



15 years on the ground with more achievements and awards.

Covid-19 and gender-based violence are Partners to devastate our country and economy. Siyakholwa is a non-profit organization working nationwide to combat the spread of covid-19 and Gender-based Violence to provide support, intervene and mitigation of brutality, killing, raping and abusing of children and women of… Where do we start?

After all the “new normals” we were forced to get used to this year and the daily confrontation of airborne “enemies” our global situation needs no introduction.

In South Africa, the pandemic has not only exposed our healthcare-based vulnerabilities but also threatened our fragile business and employment situation. This combination of disease and close-to-home liabilities sparked the merger of businesses, investors, and technology suppliers to take a leap of faith and invest in the local manufacturing and production of respirator face masks.

This is how Siyakholwa and Team came to life! To protect the survivors and victims!

The effectiveness of masks as the first line of defence has been widely documented and advised. Yet, while such a simple piece of equipment can provide significant protection, many are still left without it including teachers, old-age homes, medical workers, vulnerable families, frontline workers and many more.

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The masks that we are distributing

According to local regulations and FFP2 standards.


What makes the FFP2 face mask better than a normal loose-fitting face mask?

  • Well, respirators like the FFP2 are tight-fitting masks designed to create a facial seal with non-valved respirators providing two-way protection filtering the inflow and outflow of air.
  • With a maximum leakage of 8% and a minimum of 94% of inflow air filtered these types of masks are designed to protect the wearer (when worn properly).

Who should wear a respirator? In short, anyone who wants to protect themselves and in particular healthcare workers and caregivers who work in high-risk transmission areas.

The plan and implementation


If you have or know of a VULNERABLE FAMILY in your community in need of respirator face masks you can begin by CALLING SIYAKHOLWA & TEAM 011 906 0042( MON-FRI-0900-14H00) and we will take it from there and supply mask dependent on mask availability at our storeroom.

If you are not sure who to donate to, but still feel the need to support this cause you can make donations using the below links or contacting us for more information.

Donate MasksTo Support COVID 19 Relief Siyakholwa Support Care Centre

So how do I get involved?



Contact siyakholwa  ≫


#GivingTuesday / Giving Tuesday Campaign ≫


You can also share this initiative on all your social media platforms.

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