Donate a Pad Campaign

Donate A Pad Campaign – The Problem


We realised that many girls use unhygienic alternatives to sanitary pads, such as newspaper or even sand and leaves, which puts them at a huge risk of infection.

Many girls between the ages of 12-19 miss a week of school every month, of a lack of sanitary pads.

Our concern for these girls drove us to start the Campaign “Donate A Pad” to get more people involved in giving teen girls their dignity back.

Donate A Pad Campaign – How we can help


The time for change is upon us, and we all have a role to play to create and contribute to the country we believe in.

Siyakholwa Support Care Centre believes everyone has the capability to collaborate and join hands to bring about meaningful change and that all girls should have the right to hygiene and dignity during their most vulnerable moments.

The majority of the rural communities and disadvantaged communities lack everyday hygiene items such as sanitary pads for young girls at home.

With over ten years of community service, the Siyakholwa Support Care Centre has grown from a community-based organization to a non-profit NGO, operating in the thematic areas of education, food security and human rights.

We seek to create a future of hope for under-served children, women and their communities by helping them regain their dignity and providing sanitary pads and items to these women to reduce their vulnerability and health risks.



By donating one pack of sanitary pads, you will have helped a girl get her dignity back. Perhaps you could give up your morning Vida coffee for a day and give a girl with nothing her pride back.

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