Hunger Relief – COVID-19 Pandemic

Hunger relief – funding request for food distribution of secured UWSA food and hygiene packs.


With the expectation that South Africa is close to reaching “the peak” of the COVID pandemic, it is clear that many households are losing – and will lose – their sources of income as a result of the pandemic and its associated lockdown, and our country is at the cusp of a malnutrition crisis. Now with food prices up by 30% and the economy in a downward spin, it is more important than ever to think innovatively and to be efficient in our food relief responses. The distribution of food parcels in response to the above has also proven itself fraught with difficulty. It is expensive, logistically complicated and risky, both for COVID-19 transmission and corruption.

Over the past three months, we have overcome this by distributing over 12 000 food parcels to vulnerable people across 9 provinces, from local churches and community halls.

This month, Siyakholwa has partnered with United Way South Africa (UWSA) to distribute UWSA’s donation of just over 900 family packs of food, hygiene and PPE – that will support an average family of 10 for a month – in 4 provinces in August 2020. The monetary cost of UWSA donation is approximately R 500 000.

The families in need have been assessed and identified over the last few months, using Siyakholwa’s local community leaders working in the surrounding communities.

Over 5500 disadvantaged and starving people will be directly impacted by this intervention in South Africa’s most underserved communities.

As of the 28 July 2020, we are just under 3 weeks away from UWSA’s delivery date of food and hygiene packs, that we urgently need to distribute to families in need.

In order to meet the distribution dates, we request funding (in-kind or monetary donations) to be secured by 7 August 2020.

Siyakholwa is looking to partner further, as together we can achieve more.

As funding has decreased during the COVID Pandemic, Siyakholwa urgently needs support to get the secured packs distributed by the end of August. The following proposal outlines our project requirements for UWSA’s donation:

  • Secure food storage and packing facilities close to Germiston for 2 weeks;
  • Transport for distributing the food parcels to the community collection points in Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga and the Western Province;
  • Accommodation for distribution team in Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga and Western Province;

Salaries for the Siyakholwa distribution and administration team, which includes the Project Manager

M&E system gathers data that enables AS to:

  • Measure youth attendance
  • Measure changes in participants’ knowledge, behaviour, and attitudes regarding the set of life skills taught
  • Measure youth satisfaction with the program’s content and delivery
  • Assess program efficiency in terms of design, delivery, and costs
  • Determine whether the training has met the needs identified by all stakeholders, including youth, parents, trainers, employers, partners, and donors
  • Assess the link between participants’ life skills and employment/entrepreneurship outcomes
  • Determine whether the program achieved its intended objectives and/or had a significant return on investment.
  • Local Community Leaders and Helpers; Mobile Data


Distribution Budget


1. Transportation to deliver food packs – Travelling 4706km – R 10 000
2. Community Distribution Leaders stipends – R 8 000
3. Project Manager Salaries  R 5 000
4. PPEs for covid-19 front-lines R 2 000
5. Project operations cost R 10 000
6. Auditor fees R 3 000

Total funding request R 50 000

By supporting Siyakholwa Support Care Centre you may qualify for a section 18a tax exemption certificate and also earn higher B-BBEE points in the five pillars of the code.

Distribution Plan


The distribution focus is on disadvantaged communities in rural areas, farms and informal settlements, specifically in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape.

UWSA will deliver pre-packed packs to a secure central Distribution Centre in each province.

RLabs Donated masks at our Western cape, Delft branch should be collected and distributed to nine provinces.

– We request donations to cover transportation collection and distributions national.

The Centre is responsible for:

Providing secure storage at the designated regional Distribution Centre.

  • Distributing an average of 30 parcels to the designated community centres and churches within the region, ranging in distance from 15km to 250km from the regional Distribution Centre.
  • Identifying and coordinating with the recipients receiving the packs on the day;
  • Providing security to and during the distribution into the informal settlements;
  • Providing an awareness of the COVID pandemic, and adhering to WHO protocols during food distribution that includes temperature scanning, wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.
  • Providing a full list of the recipients and their details on receipt of the pack ( M&E).

The above is overseen by the Centre’s Project Manager and the Community Leaders.

Regional Distribute dates:

Mpumalanga -17 August to 22 August 2020 – TBC

Gauteng from 20-26 August 2020 – TBC

Kwazulu Natal 27 August to 4 September 2020 – TBC

Western Cape – 30 August 2020

Long Term Funding


Siyakholwa faces longer-term funding challenges to maintain, administer, and run the Centre. Funding has been restricted due to:

  • Lockdown rules that do not allow the required fundraising events we have held in the past to secure donations;
  • A decrease in available funding from the government due to an imbalance in the distribution of state funding and the inability to address critical services areas.

This lack of funding restricts the Centre’s ability to:

  • Offer job creation by hiring from within the local communities, to support their local communities.
  • Provide youth leadership and entrepreneur courses and required resources.
  • Provide Reliable food transport. The Centre is in urgent need of a vehicle for the distribution of our daily food parcels to local Community Centres and churches in informal settlements etc.

Any support to assist the Centre in becoming a self-sustaining NPO would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Beauty if you are able to assist the Centre. See above for contact details…

Hunger Relief Siyakholwa Support Care Centre

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System Adherence


Organization and consistency are of the utmost importance for successful M&E. our organization has created a formalized protocol with regards to who is responsible for data collection, how often the data will be collected, and how it will be stored. We ensure that information gathering and feedback take place regularly. M&E data is an important management tool and assists in timely decision-making as programs progress.

 Specific M&E system data will enable us to:

  • Measure the food delivery in terms of getting food parcels to the right families at the right time.
  • Continually assess the needs of identified families, in terms of the ever-changing environment of job losses or creation, and the family’s ability supports themselves.
  • Assess food delivery program efficiency in terms of design and costs with respect to:

o    Secure storage and parcel packaging,

o    Job creation and training for on the ground community leaders, that assesses the needs and the distribution of food support in their communities.

  • Monitor the adherence to WHO protocols during food distribution;
  • Determine whether the food distribution has met the needs of the food parcel recipients, employers, volunteers and donors ;
  • Determine whether the program achieved its intended objectives.
  • M&E system gathers data, Register
  • • Measure attendance and beneficiaries who received food
  • • Measure recipient’s satisfaction with the program’s content and delivery
  • • Assess program efficiency in terms of design, delivery, and costs.

We subscribe to the Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa.

Special Thanks To Siyakholwa Champions And Individuals Donors!



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