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Siyakholwa Support Care Centre is a non-profit organisation
based in Ronderbult Ext2, Germiston, South Africa.

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COVID-19 Fight

COVID-19 Left Children in Cycle Of Poverty

Children In Cycle Of Poverty – Early childhood development compliance standards are excessively burdensome and unattainable to the overwhelming majority of ECD providers who serve poor communities.

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Education For All

Break Children Cycle of Poverty

Break Children Cycle Of Poverty – This will help break the cycle of families’ poverty. Your kit donation will give these children everything they need to acquire, knowledge and help them secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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COVID-19 Fight

Donate Masks to Support Covid-19 Relief

Donate Masks – Siyakholwa and Team aim to provide those in need with proper protection against air-borne viruses and bacteria. During the outbreak of the pandemic, many were left without appropriate mask protection.

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